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Online Water Analyzer - Multi Parameter Analyzer.

Seres Topaz series

Online water analyzer for the automatic monitoring of a variety of parameters.

Online Water Hardness Analyzer

Single parameter online water analyzer of aluminum, ammonium, chlorides, color, total iron (dissolved), COD, phenol, total hardness and alkalinity in different applications.

Topaz water analyzer – The all-purpose water quality analyzer series.

4 measurement methods. Numerous applications.

  • Absorption.
  • Colorimetry.
  • Potentiometry.
  • Titrimetry.


Topaz Online Water Analyzer

  • Total Alkalinity
  • Aluminum
  • Ammonium
  • Chlorides
  • COD (Permanganate Index)
  • Color
  • Total Hardness (dissolved) >>
    Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of total hardness (TH) in potable water, process water and demin water production.
  • Total Iron
  • Phenol


The Topaz series is an all-purpose water analyzer series which meets the demand of a wide range of applications.

Intuitive and efficient user inter-face: controls and status reports via touchscreen. High-Low thresholds and sample failure alarms per stream. Low operating costs, minimal re-agent consumption, simple and efficient maintenance. 1, 2, 4 or 6 sampling streams simultaneously connectable, fully programmable sequences. Easily accessible, improved peristaltic pump modules and quick tubing renewal. Convenient operation: semi automatic calibration, automatic zero and cell cleaning.

The Topaz online water quality analyzers also feature:

  • Semi-automatic calibration and automatic zero.
  • Automatic sample cell cleaning.
  • Low reagent consumption.
  • Fully programmable sample sequencing for up to six sample streams.
  • Multiple output/alarm options.


Serez OL Topaz series online analyzers are a high-quality industrial-grade analyzer specific to your water analysis requirement.

Sample applications include colour, COD, aluminum, manganese and iron in drinking water production, ammonium for monochloramine control, hardness monitoring for controlling scaling in boilers and decarbonization process monitoring.

Please contact us regarding your specific process application.


Alarm Relays 1 summary alarm for “analyzer failure” Maximum load: 1A / 24 V Relay Outputs 2 potential-free contacts for each channel programmable as limit switches for measuring values (high/low thresholds). 1 sample flow alarm for each channel. 1 output for indication of the active sample stream for each channel. 1 output for maintenance indication. Rated load:1A / 24 V

Signal outputs 2 programmable signal outputs for measured values (freely scalable, linear). Current loop:4 – 20 mA Communication interface RS485 interface (galvanically separated) with Modbus/JBUS RTU protocol included in standard . Ethernet interface (TCP/IP) optional.

Online Water Hardness Analyzer