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Turbidity Analyzer
AMI Turbiwell

The revolutionary SWAN AMI Turbiwell LED online turbidity analyzer boasts unique features not found in other turbidity analyzers. The non-contact, EPA approved white light LED…

High Level Phosphate Analyzer
AMI Phosphate HL

Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of ortho- phosphate in boiler water, district heating, cooling water and waste water. Measuring range: 0.1 to…

UVT Monitor

UVT Monitor – UV Transmittance at 254 nm SWAN AMI SAC 254 UVT Monitor for the continuous measurement of UV transmittance absorption at 254 nm…

Phosphate Analyzer (online)
AMI Phosphate-II

Online Phosphate Analyzer AMI Phosphate-II AC Online Phosphate Analyzer using the colorimetric process for the automatic, continuous measurement of phosphate. Call Contact Description Specification Application…

TOC Analyzer for High Purity Water

TOC Analyzer for High Purity Water SWAN AMI LineTOC TOC Analyzer for the continuous measurement of Total Organic Carbon in pure and ultrapure water. Call…

Silica Analyzer
AMI Silitrace

Online Silica Analyzer SWAN AMI Silitrace AC Online Silica Analyzer for the complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of silica in water steam…

TOC Monitor
TOC Evolution VUV

TOC Monitor/TOC Monitoring System Seres TOC Evolution VUV TOC Monitor with complete two-stage measurement of TOC. Detection of organic carbon (OC) with simultaneous and direct…

Modular Gas Detector

A14/A11 Modular Gas Detector is a flexible component system providing a variety of options to meet individual gas detection and alarm requirements. From chemical and…

VOC Monitoring System
MS 1200

The Multisensor VOC Monitoring System simplifies low-level (ppb) oil-in-water monitoring with the MS1200 on-line VOC monitor. Minute concentrations of VOC/hydrocarbons can be detected in raw…

THM Analyzer
MS 2000

THM Analyzer – Trihalomethanes Analyzer Multisensor MS2000 THM Analyzer for the measurements of THM’s at low concentrations in water. Call Contact Description Specification Application Downloads…

4 Gas Calibration Gas
4 Gas

4 Gas Calibration Gas Available in multiple variations to meet your needs. H2S, Methane or Pentane, CO, O2 The best pricing in the industry with…