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Turbidity and Chlorine (Free & Total) Handheld Analyzer – One Meter, Three Measurements

The Hanna Turbidity and Chlorine HI93414 is a high accuracy Handheld analyzer. Combining nephelometer and photometer to measure key parameters in drinking water. calibration and performance verification is ensured with the supplied AMCO-AEPA-1 primary turbidity standards and NIST traceable secondary chlorine standards. The HI93414 meets and exceeds the requirements of EPA Method 180.1 and Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater 2130 B for turbidity measurements.The chlorine measurements are are adapted EPA Method 330.5 and Standard Method 4500-Cl…

IR Infrared Gas Transmitter, Combustible Gas LEL or CO2 Detection

Detection of combustible levels of methane or other hydrocarbons % LEL. It may also be used for monitoring CO2 levels, either in ppm or percent levels. D12Ex-IR infrared gas transmitters provide analog signals for remote interface and optional relays for local alarming functions. Two digital communication options, Modbus™ and Hart™, are also available. Certified for use in explosion hazard areas, the unit provides rapid and reliable detection of hazardous conditions so that protective measures can be activated. The D12Ex-IR is…

Plunger Valve 3/2 way Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves – Burkert Type 6014

Direct–acting Type 6014 valve for individual or manifold mounting with push–over coil, for use with a variety media depending on the materials of construction. Delivered in various body materials and also suitable for use in technical vacuum Direct-acting, compact valve. Vibration-proof, bolted coil system. Service-friendly manual override. Energy-saving pulse versions. 3-way, 1/4" NPT Piloting Solenoid Valve. Brass or 316 Stainless Steel Body. For piloting air-actuated on/off valves. Banjo (direct-mount) versions available. Diaphragm materials: EPDM FKM

Solenoid Valve for Aggressive and Contaminated Media- 2/2-way – Burkert Type 142

Servo-assisted solenoid valve with diaphragm, normally closed function. Hermetic isolation of fluid from the actuator. A minimum differential pressure of 7 PSI is required to fully open the valve. Valves can be mounted or removed radially for a space-saving installation. 20mm up to 63mm sizes. PVC or PVDF Body. Non-metallic valve internals. Isolating diaphragm between the solenoid and fluid Adjustable switching times (waterhammer-free). For aggressive media. Pivoted armature, with lockable manual override. Diaphragm materials: EPDM FKM

Solenoid Valve with Servo Diaphragm 2/2-way  – Burkert Type 5282

The Type 5282 is a pilot-controlled normally closed solenoid valve with a servo-diaphragm, media separated, for universal use with liquid and gaseous media corresponding to the material resistance.As standard, the 3-way pivoted armature pilot drive has an emergency manual operation. The closing and opening times are continuously adjustable. Pivoted armature pilot drive with emergency manual operation. Media separated. Circuit function can be modified. Adjustable switching times (waterhammer-free). Good for more aggressive media. 1/2" NPT to 2" NPT sizes. Brass or…

Compact Body Solenoid Valve for Fluids – 2/2-way – Burkert Type 6213

The Type 6213 is a 2/2–way normally closed solenoid valve with a forced coupled diaphragm system. It switches from 1.5 PSI and can be used universally for fluids. For complete opening, a differential pressure of at least 1.5 PSI is necessary Compact body with high flow rate. 1/4" NPT up to 2" NPT Sizes Brass or 316 stainless steel body. Direct acting, 0 to 140 PSI range. Cold or hot water. Optional LED indicators. Push-over coil. Waterhammer-free, low noise. Energy-saving…

Toxic Gas Detection – ATI A12 2 Wire Toxic Gas Transmitter

Our UniSens universal 2-wire gas transmitter handles 28 different gases, providing the most economical and flexible gas measurement system available today. Combining universal electronics, bench calibration capability, automatic sensor verification, fault detection and alarming, and superior sensor technology, UniSens is your best transmitter choice. UniSens is designed for ambient gas monitoring in all kinds of industrial environments: gas storage areas, gas compressor rooms, process piping galleries, rail car sidings, analyzer shacks, gas cabinets, chemical process areas, and more.

Surface Mount Temperature Sensor | RTD Temperature Transmitter & Surface Mount Ring

The MIST M340 RTD Temperature Transmitter consists of surface mount ring type RTD, extension cable to remote transmitter and M12 connector. It is designed for heavy duty BTU temperature measurement applications due to its very high accuracy. As all the other MIST Series transducers, it can be re-calibrated and re-scaled in the field. Output signals: 4-20mA 2-wire; 0-5, 1-5, 0-10 VDC 3-wire Input: Platinum RTD 100, Class A, 3-wire Ranges: Std. and programmable from -50°C to 200°C Power Supply: 10-32…

Dial Thermometers | Mechanical Temperature Indicators | Bimetal Helix Stem

Dial Thermometers are mechanical temperature indicators consisting of a pointer precisely connected to a bimetal helix stem which moves due to temperature changes in the bimetal helix. It is fabricated with extreme tolerances, which results in a very sensitive temperature reading. An anti-parallax dial is used with a concave design of the dial ring to enhance readability. Graduations for each temperature range are calculated to match deflection data of bimetallic materials. Stainless steel housing is used for corrosion resistance and…

Programmable Temperature Switch | Head Type RTD Assembly with Hockey Puck Switch

PTS® Series (Programmable Temperature Switches) are of very compact design. This unique construction can replace other commonly used temperature switches in a variety of applications. Intempco's PTS®50A Series assemblies are built for direct immersion into processes for applications that do not require a thermowell. The probe tube is precision tig welded directly to the process fitting. The housing material of the PTS®50A is made of Aluminum, while the probe and fitting materials are fabricated from Stainless Steel 316/316L. Thus, ensuring…

Wall Mounted Programmable Temperature Switch

The PTS®201 is a microprocessor-based wall mounted temperature switch. It features stainless RTD probe, painted aluminum die cast housing in which electronics are potted. Based on Intempco's patented MIST technology, it offers the highest performance for the most demanding temperature switching applications. The advanced programming, via the PKIT, allows for set-point, reset point, failsafe and time delay calibration. It is factory programmed to customer specifications. It converts standard 3-wire RTD signal into a temperature switch using a SPDT relay. It…

Explosion Proof Temperature Switch & Transmitter | Programmable

Series PTS02 is a Programmable Temperature Switch & Transmitter offering an analog 4-20 mA output, transistor or relay switch output, and an optional RTD output. Utilizing Intempco’s patented MIST technology, PTS02 is designed for optimum accuracy and performance. The main areas of applications for this transducer are oil and gas as well as other hazardous areas. PTS02 is shipped factory calibrated to customer specified temperature ranges. But the unique feature of the PTS02 is that it is re-programmable. Process temperature…

Back Mount Digital Temperature Gauge and RTD Sensor Probe, Compression Mount

The DTG07 series Digital Temperature Gauges are a complete solution for most industrial temperature monitoring and temperature indicating applications. Of high quality construction, these gauges features a bright and large 4-digit red LED display with an analog 4-20 mA output. Based on Intempco’s patented MIST™ technology, they are designed for optimum accuracy and performance. The series DTG07 are an ideal replacement for bi-metal, liquid bulb and gas thermometers. The DTG07s can be factory calibrated to customer specified temperature range. As…

Digital Temperature Gauge and RTD Sensor Probe, Compression Mount

A top mount display with an adjustable compression fitting process connection the DTG03 Digital Temperature Gauge is a Digital RTD thermometer and a complete solution for most industrial temperature monitoring and temperature indicating applications. Stainless steel construction with an analog 4-20 mA output based on Intempco’s patented MIST™ technology for optimum accuracy and repeatable performance. DTG is an ideal replacement for bi-metal,liquid bulb, mercury and capillary gas thermometers.

Thermowell Temperature Sensor Transmitter 4-20ma | Programmable Transmitter

MIST55 RTD Pt 100 temperature sensor is a complete RTD temperature sensor probe, signal conditioner and 4-20mA output. You provide the 12 to 36 Vdc loop power. The Intempco MIST patented RTD (Pt100) sensor probes contain the temperature transmitter within the probe assembly. The transmitter is hermetically sealed from moisture or contaminants and provides tamper-proof vibration resistance. The 2 wire 4 to 20mA output is stable and accurate. MIST transmitters are shipped at the factory calibrated temperature range , selectable…

Temperature Transmitter 4-20ma | Programmable Integrated Sensor Transmitter

MIST M03 RTD Pt 100 temperature sensor a complete RTD temperature sensor probe, signal conditioner and 4-20mA output. Intempco MIST patented RTD (Pt100) sensor probes contain miniature programmable temperature transmitters in the TJ transition junction or in the 2 wire 4-20mA dc output lead wire. Mist Microprocessor Integrated Sensor Transmitters can be fitted with M12 quick disconnect automation connectors, 3-A sanitary and NPT threads. Process connections can be fixed welded or adjustable compression . Via experience with 10,000+ OEM and…

Programmable Temperature Sensor with Integrated Transmitter

The key feature that make these sensors innovative is that they are the world’s first ever temperature sensors that have a built-in and fully programmable microprocessor-based transmitter. Intempco’s patented MIST Temperature Sensors™ are designed for optimum accuracy, performance, and for ease of installation: The sensors are factory configured and calibrated, all that is needed is a simple power connection and you are ready to go. Models can be ordered with 2-wire 4-20mA output , or 3-wire voltage output (0-5, 1-5…

Online Ozone Analyzer – AMI Codes-II O3

Online Ozone Analyzer – AMI Codes-II O3 Swan AMI Codes-II O3 Low maintenance monitor for the measurement of trace concentrations down to 1 ppb of ozone in water for pharmaceutical purposes. Call Contact Description Specification Application Options Downloads F.A.Q. Online Ozone Analyzer AMI Codes-II O3 is a proven, low-maintenance monitor for the measurement of trace […]

Sample Conditioning for Water Analysis

Sample Conditioning for Water Analysis Sample Conditioning Accessories Sampling Equipment for Water Analyzers Call Contact Description Options Downloads To compliment our range of Water Quality analyzers, we offer solutions for Sample conditioning requirements. We offer a wide range of sample conditioning accessories and complete custom panels. Contact us to discuss your application. Sampling Equipment Sample […]

Online Fluoride Analyzer – Swan AMI ISE Fluoride

Online Fluoride Analyzer Swan AMI ISE Fluoride Complete on-line Fluoride Analysis System for Measurement in Drinking Water Systems. Call Contact Description Specification Application Options Downloads F.A.Q. Online Fluoride Analyzer Monitor for the continuous measurement of Ammonium, Nitrate or Fluoride in potable water. Complete system mounted on PVC panel: Transmitter AMI ISE Universal in a rugged […]

TOC Analyzer for High Purity Water

TOC Analyzer for High Purity Water SWAN AMI LineTOC TOC Analyzer for the continuous measurement of Total Organic Carbon in pure and ultrapure water. Call Contact Description Specification Application Options Downloads Videos F.A.Q SWAN Analytical Instrument’s model AMI LineTOC, TOC Analyzer. Continuously monitors total organic carbon (TOC) in pure and high purity water. The reagent-free […]

Large Volume Mechanically-actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps 3240 l/h

The Iwaki LK Series metering pumps are motor-driven, mechanically-actuated diaphragm metering pumps. This larger Series can achieve outputs up to 856 GPH (3240 l/h) and maximum pressures of 220 PSI (1.5 MPa). The LK Series is ideal for large chemical feed applications in a wide range of fields, including water treatment, chemical process, agriculture, mining and paper. High Performance & Versatile Design – The LK series has a discharge accuracy (repeatability) that is within ±2% FS. Reliability has been enhanced…

Precise Chemical Injection at an Economical Price

The EJ Series provide precise chemical injection at an economical price. Universal voltage capability enables operation from 100 – 240VAC in virtually all countries. The EJ Series are compact, simple to operate and have outputs to 3.2 GPH (12.0 LPH) and a maximum pressure of 175 PSI (1.2 MPa). High Speed Performance The EJ Series operate at 360 strokes-per-minute, providing high resolution chemical feed and high turndown capability. Most competitive products operate at slower speeds, resulting in slug feeding, accelerated…

Hanna Portable Turbidity Meter – (EPA) Portable Meter

The HI98703 Hanna Portable Turbidity Metre is specially designed for water quality measurements, providing reliable and accurate readings, especially in the low turbidity range. State-of-the-art optical system guarantees accurate results, assures long term stability, and minimizes stray light and color interference. Periodic calibration with the supplied standards compensates for any variations in intensity of the tungsten lamp.

Multiparameter Meter pH/ISE/EC/DO/Turbidity with GPS option

The HI9829 is a waterproof portable logging multiparameter meter that monitors up to 14 different water quality parameters. The microprocessor based multi-sensor probe allows for the measurement of key parameters including pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen meter, turbidity, ammonium, chloride, nitrate, and temperature. The probe transmits readings digitally with options to log data while disconnected from the meter. An optional GPS provides location tracking of measurements. The complete system is simple to setup and easy to use. The HI9829 is…

Digitally Controlled Direct-Drive Diaphragm Pump

IX Series Metering Pumps are digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps. Years of experience in high-end motor technology result in extremely accurate and energy efficient metering pumps with high resolution. The IX Series meets today’s demand for automated chemical delivery in industries from water treatment to chemical process. Highly precise control offers a solution for a variety of dosing applications. Standard with several control methods, the IX Series pumps provide a solution to a variety of applications all in one pump.

Electromagnetic Metering Pump – Extremely Precise Pump

EZ Series Water Treatment Chemical Pump offer precise chemical feed injection at a low cost. The compact size and simple control make them ideal for water treatment and OEM applications. Low-Cost High Performance Pump Up to 360 spm High Resolution Feed Digital Display and 4-Button Keypad Flow Rates up to to 6.3 GPH Pressures up to 150 psi Timer Control Module Option

Water Treatment Chemical Pump –  Ideal for Water Treatment

EZ Series Water Treatment Chemical Pump offer precise chemical feed injection at a low cost. The compact size and simple control make them ideal for water treatment and OEM applications. Low-Cost High Performance Pump Up to 360 spm High Resolution Feed Digital Display and 4-Button Keypad Flow Rates up to to 6.3 GPH Pressures up to 150 psi Timer Control Module Option

Water Treatment Metering Pump – 1800:1 Turndown Ratio

Combining the EHE performance with a turndown ratio of 1800:1 yields one of the most versatile pumps in the water treatment industry today. Superior mechanical design and quality of manufacturing merge to create a pump better than the sum of its parts. The versatile control features enable the EHE to be integrated into virtually any chemical feed application. The 360 stroke-per-minute operation results in high-resolution chemical feed and long service life. EHE pumps prime in seconds and hold prime reliably.