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Industrial Instrumentation company

WJF Instrumentation Company Canada: Solving Analytical and Process Measurement Problems with Innovative Instrumentation and Professional Service

WJF Instrumentation Company Canada, based in Calgary, Alberta, was founded in 1984 to serve the process control and instrumentation needs of Canadian industries.

We help our clients with analytical and process control requirements in the industrial and municipal industries. We also provide some instrumentation and service to the laboratory and environmental markets. With inventory stocked in Calgary, we can provide fast replacements for consumable items, as well as quick solutions for new measurement applications. That, in addition to most of our equipment able to be serviced at our company head office, means fast turn-around and minimal down-time for our clients.

Featured Industrial Instrumentation

Free Chlorine

Chlorine Analytical

The SWAN AMI Trides amperometric, reagentless free chlorine monitor has proven to be an extremely popular analytical instrument, with many hundreds in operation in Canada today. The AMI Trides provides state-of-the-art three-electrode sensor technology, exceptionally long chlorine sensor life, sensor self-cleaning, and requires only simple maintenance. More…

UV transmittance

UVT Analytical

SWAN Analytical UV transmittance (UVT) / organics monitor is a highly advanced instrument used for the monitoring for organic load or UV absorption/transmittance. Useful for both water and wastewater effluent, the dynamic measuring methodology is impervious to fouling optics. The AMI SAC254 is simple to maintain and provides trouble-free, accurate UV/organics monitoring.

total organic carbon

TOC Analytical

SWAN Analytical Instrument’s model AMI LineTOC continuously monitors total organic carbon (TOC) in pure and high purity water.

The reagent-free online monitor utilizes a UV oxidation reactor with two high-precision stainless steel conductivity electrodes which perform the measurement by differential conductivity analysis.

What Does an Instrumentation Company Do?

WJF instrumentation company; industrial instrumentation for industries including; water treatment, chemical manufacturing, power generation, pulp and paper and many similar industries. We also provide process and control equipment.

The term Industrial instrumentation covers a large collection of continuous chemical composition and liquid quality instruments. The term also refers to process control instrumentation including level, flow and valve control.

What is Industrial Instrumentation?

Designed to report live analytical data using various methods including; refractometer, calorimeter, amperometric, conductivity,  titration,  and several others.

The advantage over lab analysis is continuous measurement which is vitally important in many industrial applications. For example; detection of high levels of oxygen within power station cooling water, is an early indication of air leaks and can lead to equipment damage in the hundreds of thousands.

Most instruments specialize in a single parameter measurement and can reach accuracy levels in the parts per billion resolution.

Reporting is usually in the form of a milliamp (mA) output which in turn is interpreted as a value by onboard electronics or by a central control system. This data can then be used to sound alarms, control chemical dosing or even as in the case of remote monitoring, instigate human interaction by sending automated text, email or telephone signals.

Indeed, the world would be a different place without the use of analytical instrumentation. Most water filtration plants would be very difficult to manage and bring quality water to your tap, with the minimal use of chemicals.

What is Process Control Instrumentation?

Along side monitoring chemical composition, those same chemicals need to be moved by pipe, analyzed for flow, measured for level in storage and even mixed with additions based on instrumentation feedback.

A common scenario within water treatment is the use of level instrumentation, flow instrumentation and solenoid valves. Level instrumentation may be used to monitor the level in a reservoir. Flow to determine raw water intake volume and valves to adjust the system.

Combining Industrial Instrumentation – Analysis and Control.

A common scenario occurs within water treatment where a free chlorine analyzer would be used to analyze chlorine levels and adjust valves and pumps to reduce chlorine injection using a chemical feed pump.

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Questions and Answers F.A.Q About Instrumentation

Q. What is an example of process or analytical instrumentation?

A. Depending on the application, instrumentation is used to monitor and quantify the manufacturing process in a number of different industries. A prime example would be in a Municipal Drinking Water system. Raw water is processed into drinking water. Instrumentation would be used to monitor the water, providing feedback on the process at each stage of the purification process. Instrumentation can be used to both control the amount of chemical used, and to then quantify how successful the chemical adjustment is. For example, turbidity monitors may be used close to the raw water intake to control the amount of coagulant used, and then again after the process, to ensure the turbidity has been lowered to an acceptable level.