Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

Paddle Wheel Flow Meters are an inexpensive solution, offering high accuracy to many flow system applications. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements, and find the perfect solution for your application. Contact us today.

Insertion Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

  • For neutral, mildly aggressive and solid-free liquids.
  • Orifices up to DN400.
  • Rapid Start-up due to automatic calibration.

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Inline Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

  • Economic integration in pipe systems without additional pipelines.
  • Ideal for neutral and mildly aggressive liquids.
  • Suitable for liquids at temperatures up to 100°.

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Paddle Wheel Flow Meters for Low Flow Rate

  • Ideal for low volumetric flows starting from 10 l/h.
  • Suitable for aggressive liquids.
  • High accuracy due to 3-wire system.  paddle wheel and Hall sensor.

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