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Compare The Best DPD Free Chlorine Reagent Dispensers

No time to read the full article? The best DPD reagent for chlorine for most situations is the HF Scientific Powder Pop Dispenser.

There are many different variations of reagent for measuring Chlorine. Accurate testing is critical to make good decisions. The accuracy of most tests is not in question, but the convenience and ease of use makes a huge difference, whether you’re performing mobile field testing or site testing.

This guide explores different Chlorine Reagent options and suggests the best solution for your situation.

Featured DPD Reagent for Chlorine

DPD Reagent for Chlorine

HF Scientific Powder Pop Dispenser are the best option for convenient chlorine testing. Easy to use both in the field and on-site. Small compact size makes it easier to carry in portable testing kits. Does not clog. Invert and one click to deliver the correct does of DPD reagent. Ready for shipping in Canada, call toll free now (877) 291 5572

HF Scientific DPD Dispenser V’s Hach Swiftest™ Dispenser

FeatureHF Scientific DPD DispenserHach Swiftest™ DispenserWhy?
Ease of Use 5/5 4/5The compact size of the HF Scientific makes aiming and dispensing much easier.
Portability 5/5 4/5The small size means the HF Scientific DPD Dispenser can easily fit within testing kits V’s the Bulky heavier Swiftest™.
Availability 5/5 3.5/5Good selection of stock available for same-day shipping (100 test and 1000 test packs).
Pricing 5/5 3/5Competitive pricing

Methodology of Ratings

When comparing the Best DPD Reagent for Chlorine Testing, we took into consideration a combination of the following variables: **

  • Ease of use: Based on our own experience and customer feedback we considered how easy each DPD dispenser or delivery packaging was to use in real world situations. Not everyone is in a well organized lab, sometimes you are in the field, and you need an easy solution. This was strongly considered in this section.
  • Portability: How easy is it to transport and store especially in mobile situations. WE favored compact sizes which can easily be stored within compartments of existing Chlorine Test Meters and equipment.
  • Availability: We considered fast delivery giving higher marks to next day and even same day shipping within Canada.
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing of chlorine reagents, combined with convenience.
5 out of 5

“Best overall option based on convenience, value, ease of use and competitive pricing”

DPD Reagent for Chlorine
Compared with Swiftest™:
  • Convenient disposable dispensers vs. Swiftest which needs to be refilled.
  • Compact, lightweight Powder Pop dispensers are ideal for portable testing kits vs. bulky, heavier Swiftest.
  • Simple, disposable dispensers prevents fouling over time (vs. long-term usage Swiftest).
  • Good selection of stock available for same-day shipping (100 test and 1000 test packs).
  • Competitive pricing.

Compared with Pillow Packs:
  • Much simpler and faster (simple push-button).
  • Excellent volume repeatability (better than powder pillows).
  • Prevents hazardous DPD from contacting skin.
  • No fiddling around with small powder packs (with cold, wet hands)
  • Prevents reagent spillage.
  • No scissors or tearing open of powder packs.
  • No messy packets to dispose of.
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio.
4 out of 5

“Best individual DPD Chlorine Tests Option”

HF Powder Pops. Easier than Pillow Packs

Compared with Pillow Packs:.

  • Excellent volume repeatability (better than reagent powder pillows).
  • Prevents hazardous DPD reagent  from contacting skin.
  • No fiddling around with small powder packs (with cold, wet hands)
  • Prevents reagent spillage.
  • No scissors or tearing open of powder packs.
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Even though the “Powder Pops” DPD Reagent single dose packets are not as convenient as the HF Scientific DPD Chlorine Reagent Dispenser, they are much easier to use than Pillow Packs.  The packaging is more robust and easier to open without the need for scissors. They are also easier to pour directly into the neck of a testing cuvette. They are also much more durable than pillow packs.

3.6 out of 5
  • Fast, easy reagent addition.
  • Just squeeze to add powder.
  • Color coded by parameter.

The Hach Swiftest is a notable runner up to the HF Scientific Reagent Dispenser, but was marked lower due to the bulkier nature of the dispenser. We have also received customer feedback that the dispenser clogs over time but have not confirmed that through our own use. We have also found the HF Scientific DPD Dispenser to be more competitive on pricing.

3.2 out of 5
  • Testing for Chlorine using the FAS-DPD method
  • 0.2 ppm to 20 ppm
  • Crank dispensing method.

We considered this option a little fiddly with the need to hold with one hand and turn a “crank” with the other. We are also concerned with a nozzle that extrudes, as it will wick water upwards, causing a blockage when DPD powder is ejected. The HF Scientific option we recommend has a concave nozzle which points inwards to greatly reduce the potential to get liquid within the DPD exit.

2.5 out of 5
  • Pre-made reagents for ease of use
  • Prepared with high-purity chemicals
  • Marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability.

“Pillow Packs” are a mainstay within the Chlorine testing world. We do not recommend them due to the fiddly nature and the potential to make skin contact. Most customers prefer the DPD Dispenser. However we have included the Hanna Pillow Packs for your consideration as the best Pillow Pack option for those who still prefer them. A slightly larger size makes them easier to handle.