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FMI Pumps Canada

FMI pioneered the first patented valveless rotating and reciprocating piston metering pump concept and has been delivering pumping excellence and precise fluid control for over 50 years.

Engineering Design & Development

Our Engineering Team incorporates over 50 years of design experience to meet specific customer & application requirements.
With the knowledge and the necessary tools, our engineers have developed the most precise and reliable valveless dispensing and metering pumps available.

Pumps Feature:

  • No Valves, Drift-Free Operation.
  • One Moving Part.
  • Precision Dispensing – CV of 0.5% or better.
  • Flow Rates from Microliters to 4600 mL/min.
  • Positive Displacement up to 200 psig.
  • Viscosity Independent – Unaffected by Viscosity of Fluids.
  • Millions of Maintenance-Free Cycles.
  • Inert, Corrosion Resistant Fluid path – Ceramic & Fluorocarbon Standard.
  • Self-priming to 15 Feet, Vertical Lift.
  • Instant Reversibility While Running.
  • Large Selection of Drives – Fixed, Variable, Pneumatic, Stepper, hazardous duty and OEM.