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OEM Pumps for Medical, Analytical & Biotech Instrumentation

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OEM Pumps Applications

For precise dispensing, aspirating, rinsing, mixing systems and syringe pump replacement in diagnostic, clinical chemistry and medical equipment manufacturing.

For all kinds of precision instruments and monitors including titrators, TOC, S O monitors, chromatographic systems & humidity control.

For candy coating and polishing, as well as, vitamin fortification, addition of flavors, colors, preservatives and a variety of other ingredients used to enhance food products.

OEM Engineering Design & Development

Our Engineering Team incorporates over 59 years of OEM design experience to meet specific customer & application requirements. With the knowledge and the necessary tools, our engineers have developed the most precise and reliable valveless dispensing and metering pumps available.

OEM Quality

We take quality seriously and back it up, not only as an ISO 9001:2008 facility, but far beyond! Most products are WEEE & RoHS Compliant.

How Our OEM Pumps Work

The valveless pumping function is accomplished by the synchronous rotation and reciprocation of a ceramic piston in a precisely mated ceramic cylinder liner. One complete piston revolution is required for each suction/discharge cycle.

Valveless Syringing

Aspirate & Dispense

OEM Pump Aspirate & Dispense

Fast Prime

Flush & Wash

OEM Flush and Wash



OEM Continuous dispensing pump



OEM Pump Metering