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SO2 Detector List

A SO2 Detector is essential where Sulfur dioxide is used or produced. The most common uses are in paper production, and Sulfuric Acid production. Worker protection is essential in locations where exposure can occur. SO2 is a toxic gas which causes respiratory reactions to varying degrees of severity..

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Modular Gas Detector

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Sulfur Dioxide Calibration Gas – SO2 Cal Gas
Sulfur Dioxide Gas

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An SO2 detector is used to monitor sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas. To detect dangerous quantities of SO2 gas in the air, SO2 detectors are utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Burning fossil fuels including coal, oil, and natural gas can generate the harmful gas known as SO2. It is highly corrosive and has a pungent smell. Long-term exposure to high SO2 concentrations can harm the lungs and result in respiratory problems.

Different technologies are employed by SO2 detectors to find the presence of SO2. A metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensor is used in the most popular type of detector to measure changes in electrical resistance brought on by exposure to SO2 gas. The electrical current produced by the reaction of SO2 gas with an electrolyte solution is measured by electrochemical sensors, which are used in other types of detectors. Some detectors can also find SO2 molecules in the air by using infrared spectroscopy.

Many different environments, including residences, factories, and commercial structures, employ SO2 detectors. They can be included into safety systems to detect unsafe SO2 levels and notify occupants or staff to take action. In order to make sure that environmental standards are followed, they can also be used to monitor air quality.

Using SO2 detectors can help protect humans from harmful gas exposure and maintain a safe atmosphere.

Other industries that produce Sulfur dioxide include:

  • Copper smelting
  • Food processing
  • Fertilizer Production

In all these industries it is recommended that SO2 is monitored for dangerous levels and smaller concentrations over longer periods of time.